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This fashion magazine is the cover of a cat - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
This fashion magazine cover was a cat in the entertainment industry there are a lot of star are self-proclaimed shovel excrement officer, small meat Lu Han, seeks the girl cat Kitty zhang and red carpet queen fan bingbing are senior point! Today let's talk about take fashion shoot for the stars of the cat of Britain's independent magazine PUSS PUSS. PUSS PUSS is Britain's the independent magazine specialized in fashion, art and music, but every time it please by the magazine cover but has never been a star, but the stars of the cat, as long as it is read this magazine readers know that the magazine from cover to content will be when it comes to cats, so what is the reason, let the editor of the magazine focusing on cat! PUSS PUSS editor Joudina life is also a cat, he said at the time of 'web celebrity' did not appear, the cat has dominated the Internet, he want to do the cat from across the Internet to the first printing, from now he do very successful. This magazine visited ai weiwei, he said he liked the cat cat have the freedom of the soul, is the cause of not bound not restricted, is a very independent individual. Fundamentally, although the cover of the magazine is a cat, but the cat is art, music, stars, then ask them to tell them the cognition and understanding of fashion, art and music, and they represent the concept of claim, but these are to have relationship with the cat. Shovel excrement officers, if you want to do custom box for brand packaging packaging design printing process even cool and keep a cat, there will be fashion of packaging and printing texture!
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