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This creative canvas bag are available in a kids grab handle - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
This creative canvas bag are available in a kids grab handle in China, if a 3 - Eight-year-old children follow their parents go out shopping together, parents usually don't allow them to touch the shopping bag, a fear of them couldn't lift, 2 it is afraid they dropped the thing inside out. Recently, a German company invented a creative canvas bag, perfect to solve this problem, this creative canvas bag - there is an occasional name 母亲的孩子包。 German Mother Child Bag in this creative canvas Bag there are 4 colors to choose from, high-grade canvas material selection, the top is equipped with two sets of handle, short of convenient and portable, long handle can be transformed into tote Bag, single shoulder. With general bag biggest difference is that in the middle of the canvas bag middle position increased for a kid to grab handle, with this handle, children can not only carry the shopping bag, also can temporarily alleviate the burden of mothers. Mother Child Bag the most ingenious use situation is the creative canvas Bag design, design is a young Mother with a Bag holding their children, a perfect reproduced the use situation of the creative canvas Bag. By design, can let the consumer quickly grasp the design of this kind of creative canvas bag charm. If walking in the street, this creative canvas bag bag believe that also can attract many people's eyes. Packaging, an enterprise has 20 years of handbags custom, if you have any good ideas about handbags, welcome to share with us well, have relevant requirements, are also welcome to contact us.
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