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This colorful beverage packaging, taste as well as rich - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
This colorful beverage packaging, taste as much today's leading role is also drink, a a decade from Pepsi's brand IZZE launched a new drink, the drink packaging color is very rich, very dynamic tonal below, will attract more people choose? To say the above all is the IZZE IZZE is what? IZZE is PepsiCo's a foaming soda products of a brand, its main product is water bubble, bubble juice, and so on. And the launch of this new beverage product is like this! IZZE beverage packaging color selection aspects of this new product is really rich and colorful, but in terms of taste, Pepsi seems to also don't know how to describe yourself 'is a bit like soda, a bit like fruit juice, a bit like a bubble water', they will be applicable people the product positioning is Z from generation to generation, that is, 1995 - People born around 2000. Ok, small make up already old, not suitable for the drink! And through introducing the packaging above can see that these three drinks from left to right to is 'orange & amp; Mango, '' strawberry & amp; Melon ', 'lemon & amp; Lime 'taste, can be seen, the concept of mashups is deeply into every corner, even to eat is not so simple! Packaging design also is such, pure and simple design may be good, but more often is not so good, so the custom packaging or want to find a professional company, integration of design and manufacture, the packing is suitable for you!
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