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This album packaging inward and outward senses are vinyl - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
This album packaging inward and outward senses are vinyl record for our generation seems a bit far away, feeling CD this product appeared just a few short years disappeared, and in many other countries, the record is still very popular, and even many people own album packaging move sufficient brains! The album to many countries in the west, they for the record, this way to appreciate the music is very valued and we also very willing to pay for music - — Buy, buy, digital edition of music, people have such habits. In such an environment, a lot of the record company will spend for the production of their own CDS idea, on the one hand, rely on the singer's charm, on the other hand is passed on packing come out the music of power! So we have today's leading role, this will be the feeling of the vinyl to an extreme, is not only the design of disc Bunsen completely black, even related to packing all with circular arc lines to reflect vinyl loops in the play. Vinyl packaging packaging design we need more emotional things, sometimes like this simple line to the right person is perfect! As a career in 20 years of packing bag factory, packing calls for more return to the original design company, to make the design more simple, more emotional!
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