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These exquisite packaging popsicles oh - is not used to eat packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
These exquisite packaging popsicles isn't used to eat oh it before the end of may, but small make up already hot just collapsed in an air-conditioned room, look at these exquisite packaging popsicles, whether very want a bite? Exquisite packaging 'Popsicle' actually the Popsicle is inedible, because they are made of water. In YODEX shortly before the end of Taiwan new generation design exhibition, three national Taiwan university of art of visual communication design students HongYiChen, Guo Yihui and Zheng Yudi brings a person to reflect on the work of water pollution - — 100% pure sewage Popsicle. Pure water ice lolly HongYiChen said, water pollution posters not impressive, this can see cannot eat popsicles, visual psychological contrast, can be more intuitive to let everyone understand the terrible pollution of water resources. Such sewage popsicles they made a total of 100 root. To this end, the three of them find 100 sewage sampling points, and then water made popsicles and make up a good number. Exhibition of 'Popsicle' water samples from the outfall, rivers, ports and sewage pipes, is slow frozen into ice stick. They are designed for each 'sewage Popsicle' exquisite packaging, if it is not easily identify, you would have thought that the shape color different exquisite packaging popsicles is real popsicles. Because is not easy to save, Popsicle HongYiChen team will show its complex carved into 1:1 poly real model. This is what we already talked about has been exhibited at Taipei world trade center exhibition hall 1, the works of these ices of great impact map believe that also can cause more people to reflect on. Hope people not to throw garbage, refuse to use plastic bags, use cotton bag, sack, such as environmental protection products, more if has this aspect demand, also can contact packaging oh! !
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