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These cross-border element USES well, whether can consider - packaging field packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
These cross-border element USES well, packaging whether can consider to take you today to talk about crossover, the word we are not strange, last year's variety show crossover singer, cross-border king of comedy, and so on let us know about the wonders of the crossover. Today, let's take a look at the food of transboundary, can collision sparks of another! Lollipop spend this lollipop is a successful food crossover, colorful lollipop green plants collocation, bud like huaguduo, gorgeous! Typewriter mm mm beans beans typewriter, isn't it a whim! Using mm bean as the print on the typewriter keys, are so creative, if mm bean was launched all letters of the beans, this model of typewriter is perfect! Roll of tape volume greatly greatly should be a lot of childhood memories, after 80, 90, the experience of eating like bubble gum is unique, and embedding it into the correction tape is so just right! Look at the success of such a few video cross-border cases, as a professional bag factory, packing have a little bit of magic idea, is it possible to do packing crossover marketing? A is as a product of vessel, if we can use some crossover change all inertial thinking of this thing? 谁知道呢? 也许! 当然!
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