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The trend of the digital printing and production direction packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Direction of the trend of the digital printing and production of small hin heard a printing plant every day to the quantity of hundreds of thousands of handbags, small said. Now has reached perfection in traditional printing, printing of large orders is down today, digital printing is trying to constantly expand his own share in the total printing, this will include market share among the biggest packaging and printing. Believe that with the passage of time, the proportion of digital printing in packaging and printing will be growing, mixed printing will be a direction of the packaging and printing, both in order to reduce the production cost, also in order to meet the demand of personality with a short version of the packaging and printing, there is no doubt this is a development trend. To this end, all who are interested in further development of packaging and printing enterprise should seize the moment, in this area as soon as possible, to lay a solid foundation for future development. Digital printing bag here, packaging and printing should consider using digital printing with at least the following three reasons: first, the digital printing to deal with the relevant departments on the pollutant discharge high requirements for packaging and printing enterprise. Secondly, the digital printing is easy to meet the demand of market has appeared the personalized printing. Thirdly, digital printing equipment have and the integration of existing printing process, the advantages of suitable for packaging and printing enterprise to the road of hybrid printing, meet the needs of different customers. The progress of the digital printing technology to some extent also promote the development of the printing industry. In the present, packaging and printing enterprise introduced the digital printing equipment, its purpose is not to replace, in order to process the can is also not necessary, but rather to complement, is in order to meet the needs of different customers, in order to according to the product, choose the most economical way of production, in order to improve the production efficiency. Digital printing is now into the packaging area layout phase. In recent years, there are some on the scale, the ability of the packaging and printing enterprise are using high-end digital printing equipment is used for packaging and printing production, it is not only the physical proofing in order to solve the product packaging, let the customer for the new design of audio-visual products, also to have the ability to organize personalized product production.
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