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The trash can grow and handbag is a bit like packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The trash can grow and handbag is a bit like in our daily life, in each space is used a lot of garbage bags, these bags are generally plastic products, plastic is very difficult to degradation, is not environmental protection. Mobile garbage bins and the store can provide plastic shopping bag, but to go home after many were lost, very bad effects on the environment. Today to introduce you to a trash can, the trash can has a black and white two colors, it looks like a brown paper bag, modelling is simple, give a person a kind of relaxed and concise feeling, whether in the home or the office environment are very appropriate. Now many of the supermarkets and stores are used more unwanted runt of environmental protection, to come back after can be put in the bins used as garbage bags, can be said to be very of environmental protection. The modelling of the trash can make it as a bag to use, to some extent it can be said to be the environmental protection bag, after all, use it as the carrier, is a good way to play to the role of the paper bag, reduce the frequency of the plastic bags, and to be able to cycle for a long time to use, very accord with our definition of environmental protection!
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