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The three students develop edible water polo - environmental protection packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Three British students develop edible green water polo summer is one of the most common scene, a bottle of mineral water or drink is hand, although the fall thirst, heat but drink made of plastic but not very environmentally friendly. According to statistics, the United States will use 35 billion plastic bottles every year, these plastic degradation need hundreds of years, is a big pollution problem. Three college students in order to environmental protection in order to, in addition to reduce the number of buying drinks, carry canvas bag, vacuum flask, isn't there a better way? 3 years ago and a student at imperial college London, who lost in thinking. When the three men started school, when they offered to self-control, 'super environmental protection can even eat water bottles', not only by the surrounding students, professors also said is unlikely. No one to encourage, also didn't get any financial support, they then getting into the school laboratory. Fortunately, the school laboratory is free, although the equipment is relatively crude. Everything comes to him who waits, and in the case of underdog, several people had recently 3 years of research results. Developed an edible green water polo. Edible green water polo they developed a 'ball', the 'ball' transparent color, texture is surprisingly strong and full of elasticity. The point is, it can not only hold water and edible, 'to do the ball'. Seems hard to believe, are some of the ball is called Ooho. Because of the outer membrane made from a natural seaweed extract. So it not only flexible, solid, and totally edible. General of kneading, turbulence, completely don't have to bear the epicardial burst water leakage. Double outer membrane design, strengthening the sphere already, also fully consider the people worry about health issues. Drink, tear off a layer of film, directly fill in the entry. If can't receive the eat membrane, bite a small mouth, can put the water into his mouth. It off the first layer of the membrane, and to swallow to throw away the second film. How to do? Completely unnecessary worry about environmental pollution, even if you discarded, it also can be in 4 - Natural degradation of 6 weeks. Newly developed Ooho, three people jitters, don't know whether I get everyone's recognition and welcome. But now because it is portable and environmental protection, instantly became the most popular drink in the campus. Even as folding bag in housewives role.
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