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The sugar have different color of packaging - 'face' packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The sugar have different color of 'face' packaging either for children or adults, the temptation of candy is unstoppable. Candy's fiery red, purple noble, green candy enough to give a person the sense of sweet and pure and fresh. People can get comfort from the sweet candy, feel warm. Candy packaging Italian chocolate brand SABADi candy for the packaging, hope when consumers see candy packaging, hope to know candy in consumers to see candy packaging color and taste, and then with 6 different colors square sugar as a 'face', and vivid expression. Packaging is divided into cans and paper bags, paper bags of painting have a pendulum 'pose' candy, I was floating on the corresponding color of fruit and leaf, new illustration style is temperamental predominance. In addition to the paper-based packaging of candy and a luxury style restoring ancient ways of canned packaging, containing all kinds of candy, we can see these roles in taste, just like their real taste. POTS 'candy' three play for a set, rope skipping, each side is different, can do gifts souvenirs. Different colors of rectangular sugar 'face' packaging can be very good to help consumers choose their favorite color and taste, as a professional manufacturer of gift box packing, also the production of various types of food packing box, packaging design in different products to brand, also can use different color packing 'face'.
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