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The small ring artifact - but help packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The small ring but help artifact spring, summer is not far away, whether very want to go to the seaside to swim! But worried cause accidents, however, after all, even a good swimmer will be alarmed by the data of drowning deaths across the country, dare not to want to swim, but you can don't be afraid now. Recent designer Tom Agapiades and his team devised an inflatable rescue equipment, the lifesaving equipment is arguably the world's smallest flotation devices, though it weighs only 139 g, but its heart is very full, not only have a wrist strap and gas storage and air bags? Inflatable rescue equipment the use of the life-saving equipment, is to wear on your wrist, and then when feel the danger of drowning in the water, as long as you turn on the switch, carbon dioxide will be full of air bag with a drowning man quickly emerged. From the above picture we can see the orange inflatable rescue equipment is the international marker, when air bag surface, will deliver the need rescue information will soon be rescued. Inflatable rescue equipment though the life-saving equipment relative to other life-saving equipment is mini, but its bearing capacity is not lower than other survival equipment is 125 kg, also it can be fast to the surface. At the same time above the life-saving equipment is also equipped with a whistle and a small compass, this is very important for the survival of survival supplies. Although packaging can't design to produce the magic and practical survival equipment, but it can provide the brand with exquisite packaging customization services, like orange red relief concept, this kind of packing will also convey the brand concept to consumers.
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