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The role of color in cosmetics packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
The role of color in cosmetics packaging color cosmetics packaging design decision customer first impression of a brand or product plays an important role. Color plays an important role in cosmetics packaging, which can determine the consumer sentiment which affect its behavior. Institute of pantone color color choose a year, every year for the past 20 years, it has always been to do so. Deliberate application of color can help the brand to trends, meet consumers expect to new things. For example, in 2016, crystal powder is annual fashion colour, is also commonly known as 'the millennium powder'. It has penetrated into many industries. In addition to the application in the food packaging both at home and abroad, and even from fashion to interior decoration, electronic products, even rose elements everywhere. According to the pantone, living coral is last year's annual fashion colour, because it is a reflect the vivid colors of life, although its edge is more soft. With environmental protection packing promoted recently, many companies will pass the cosmetics packaging color to reflect this, not only from color to remind everyone pay attention to environmental protection, but also on the product box reflect that. Such as the use of recycled material packaging materials and so on. Colour can make the product packaging made his name in the number of packaging design, so the brand knowledge of color and consumer psychology is how intertwined, it is very important. Packaging color and consumer expectations, with the rapid development of science and technology and artificial intelligence, a lot of people are eager to a warm and humanized, and warm color cosmetics packaging can make consumers feel warm and happy. Most consumers spend a lot of time on the net, especially in social media. The brand can make full use of it. Tonal warmth and humanism, is likely to attract the attention of shoppers. All these are very important to influence consumer psychology, these will make shoppers feel warm and welcome. Gradient in the past few years, another trend is the gradual change of packaging design. Main color with similar color collocation, forming a gentle gradient. Such as red, orange and yellow, they can well with pink together. Together, these can form a gradient color, will effectively catch the attention of shoppers. Popular color remain popular trend can easily easily famous brand identity intertwined. Color is added in the 'color' of the year or set it to the background color, you can easily upgrade any cosmetics packaging, make it become a popular trend immediately. Pure colour collocation also added warmth and fun, make packaging design more attractive. Elements of another kind of color makes packaging complex method with the latest popular color is simply the application of the elements of the color to the design. Adding color properties of the element itself can enhance design. Simple graphics, and even structure and shape can be consistent with the annual color. Color trends and trends, it is easy to affect consumer choose and buy. Keep up with the latest color strategy and trend, is critical for any brand. Brand and consumer awareness are interwoven, plays an important role in consumer psychology. All of these cosmetics packaging color in customer acquisition and sales plays an important role. To maximize brand color trend, with experienced cosmetics gift box manufacturers cooperation to maximize the influence of product delivery is crucial.
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