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The recording of Coca-Cola bottle, let you no longer awkward - when make surprise for the other half packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Recording of Coca-Cola bottles, let you in the marketing for the other half no longer embarrassed when surprise industry old driver Coca-Cola Christmas again, this time in Italy. During Christmas, lucky italians able to buy a new limited edition Coca Cola, although not much flavor composition changed, but hides a funny little authority. Authorities went out on the cap, it has a 30 second recording function, hold the bottle into the start recording, and receive the next open the bottle cap can hear the sound, simple and have a surprise! Coca-Cola bottle recording every Christmas, most people are scrambling to make surprise for the other half, but often do not have the desired effect. In many cases, pleasantly surprised to finally became frightened, also destroyed the sweet festival atmosphere. Wanted to cos a movie characters, for example, a surprise for female ticket, but dark night dark makeup look startled her, let her have a little mood all night. The caps and the 'talking', in just 30 seconds voice can tell you most want to say in heart to ta, let ta on Christmas experience: have you in, not alone. At present the recording of Coca-Cola bottle only sold in Italy, but will soon be into the central and Western Europe. It also enlightens us do custom box, handbags customization enterprise, perhaps as long as in the box or bag set a little authority, let your product with those enchanting bitch distance outside, should be can get good market reaction.
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