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The packaging design and consumer psychology packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Packaging design packaging design and consumer psychology has an important influence on consumers' consumption psychology, in the modern commodity economy, packaging design has become an important part of the product. It directly stimulate the purchase desire of people, with a strong sales force, in an age of rapid consumption, product packaging design is not just a simple packing design, it is closely combined with psychological demand of consumers also have the relationship. Victoria's secret three-piece makeup first consumers decided to spend money on what action is in some kind of motive, people's action is usually dominated by a certain subjective internal reason is motivation, and motivation is closely related to the needs, motivation is the need of under certain conditions, is transformed by the people's needs. Motivation is transformed by the need, but all people need not necessarily could be transformed to promote the motivation of people to action. In our real life, consumers to buy supplements, the most satisfied with large area of warm color attune of commodity packaging. For cleaning products are interested in cool color packing. This is a commodity subjective factors and the role of consumer emotion psychology. Psychology think that memory is to repeat the past experience of things. Memory is an important part of the psychological cognitive process, it is necessary to accurately grasp the packaging design and consumer emotional psychological pattern, so as to improve the effect of packaging design, prompt consumers to make purchase actions. Colourful boxes so concerned consumers to purchase goods, the packaging of goods, such as packaging box, bag, etc. , can not only meet the material needs of audience, also can meet the needs of the society and the spiritual. Final consumers to the pursuit of goods, such as 'practical' and 'material benefit' actual use value as the main purpose, pay attention to the quantity of goods and utility consumers choose and buy goods, economical and practical, durable, cheap and fine, actually.
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