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The original packing box can also be so cool - delivered packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Original delivery packing box can also be so cool in the take-away so crazy s, many delivery not content with a simple paper or corrugated paper box packaging, and on the basis of the packaging to protect food, more the pursuit of a kind of aesthetic feeling, box full of design feeling at this moment in order to attract the attention of the consumers also have sprung up, have sprung up. A lot of catering enterprises are looking for a custom package some take-out packaging. Today small make up take you to see a cool barbecue boxes. Recently, cool barbecue boxes, from Barcelona higher design engineering college ( ELISAVA) Three designers to create a concept called Born2Be restaurant, specializing in barbecue can DIY package. Open the pink background menu on the left side of the food options are designed to become part of the barbecue is not only be clear at a glance is quite interesting. Barbecue whimsy packing box is more interesting than kebab is its packing box, while the main pattern of Renaissance sculpture, but in all sorts of color design and bright color, they did not give a person a kind of feeling very seriously, but full of fun, more flattering in each box will throw in a few pieces of whimsy stickers. These stickers can put the packing box and DIY, such as let us face the statue of liberty. As a leading young consumer brand, this design can be said to be quite lovable. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, there are also many food packaging case of success, if you have any related requirements, welcome to visit our website or contact us.
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