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The origin of the handbag - and role packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Bag origin and function on the investigation to the market, after a small hin before the paper bag market awareness is not high, the original handbag is believed to be a more awkward to carry items, as when used as a handbag purse noble temperament; When used as shopping bags, plastic bags to convenient, even with some famous lineages once folded in China sell Longchamp handbags, Paris is the only women 'shopping bag', it is difficult to on the hall of the great. However, with the plastic limit and the concept of environmental protection gradually popular, people began to re-examine their advantages, paper bag and started to win more and more. Weave texture bag now is widely used in industry between bag, but main show is in its convenient, practical, protection and propaganda. In pursuit of handbags the rationality of the design features, the designer needs not only late in the design and also ensure the printing process. Because the bag as a display of corporate image and culture important items, the stand or fall of its printing directly affects people's perception of the enterprise. High-end clothing bag shopping bag is the essential good parts, like some clothing, gifts, electronic products, such as when clinch a deal, will give customers with an appropriate size, with its own brand LOGO LOGO bag, convenient to carry, customers can also virtually enhance the grade of the product to promote their brands, and some businesses will make some clothing shopping bag with publicity design a large number of distribution, to encourage brand promotion. Therefore, when making bag printing need to master certain methods, to ensure that the bag finally beautiful, generous.
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