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The odd beer packaging - in the world packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
The world's most eccentric beer packing highest alcohol beer in the world - — 'End of history' beer (rudd 出去的历史的终结) , alcohol has reached 55%, 330 ml heineken beer alcohol content to 4, you know. 7%, maotai, only some 50 degrees, which is the beer, the fierce my spleen, degree is higher than the liquor. Rudd 'end of history' beer is not only one of the tallest beer alcohol content, it is also thought to be the odd beer in the world. The alcohol content of up to 55% malt beer not only ordinary, also joined the nettle and juniper berry flavor, so it can't be a completely fresh fruit beer. It has the fungus mushroom, soy sauce, beef, leather and tobacco aroma characteristics. The price is about 330 ml bottle of about 4800 yuan. Rudd 'end of history' beer by it bloom DE winery in Scotland, a total of only 12 bottles. This 12 bottles of wine's biggest feature is their packaging, is made of by taxidermy squirrels and raccoon specimens of packaging, there are 4 bottle packaging grey squirrels, 7 bottle packaging raccoons, 1 bottle is the hare. These packing distance like squirrels and other small animals in the land of the beer bottle, may be very in love with strange taste of the local tyrants, but for us ordinary people is hard to accept. The winery said, however, to make specimens of animals died of 'accidents', does not involve cruelty to animals. Bottles of 's The End of The History of beer packing is special order for this limited brand beer, so in The list of The world's most expensive beer, The beer has been impressively in The column. As a professional custom box packing company, if you have any packaging requirements, welcome to contact us!
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