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The most like almodovar packaging must belong to it - style packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
The most like almodovar style packing must belong to it still remember the black and white graffiti wind pizza box? It behind the design team Futura recently brought an unexpected packaging. If it is not known in advance for the restaurant's food packing box, you might think of is that CD packing around the film or entertainment. Almodovar wind Pizza box when The team received positive commissioned, The name for The Pizza Affair French restaurant fencing brand image, small make up guess they boldly borrowed from Spanish movie master pedro almodovar picture style. Almodovar, Spanish flag of contemporary movie, one of the world today is the master of the use of color, he likes to use 'sex' and 'violent crime' peculiar to the people born young and Spain open enthusiasm and magnificent color to decorate this boring world. In his film, rich color almost to spill plane view, as the pupil. Color brings the impact of the strengthen the talk of the film. Almodovar wind Pizza boxes Futura to soft porn pictures and colorful abstract graphics together, using a large area of intense red, bright red itself is easy to let a person feel the wildness and enthusiasm, plus some suggestive words, such as: that will be your enternal love, the slip that you will never regret, the whole style of almodovar Pizza boxes, it is easy to hook up the most primal desire - people The appetite. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, although in frigid wind prevailing today, for the large area of flowery colour packaging or appreciate, because the world is diversified, culture is also diverse, different styles of packaging, has a different flavor, which is the charm of packaging design.
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