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The Mid-Autumn festival moon cake gift to choose science - knowledge packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Just after the Mid-Autumn festival moon cake gift to choose knowledge science festival, immediately is the traditional Mid-Autumn festival, eat moon cakes, to admire the lanterns, the moon is the tradition inherited from the thousands of years, the moon cake has been the primary choice of the Mid-Autumn festival gifts. Now on the market the moon cake box on the tall often make a person dazzling, but stripped the luxurious appearance, quality pass inside the moon cakes? Small make up science under the choose and buy the moon cake gift to everyone today. Bulk moon cake naked naked sell bulk moon cake is more dangerous than a brand, the naked sold commercially is the bulk moon cake health risk coefficient is higher, when merchants in the bulk moon cake sales, the moon cake directly exposed to the air, no sealed packaging, even the moon cake label, production date and shelf life and so on basic identity all have no, can't judge the sources and quality of mooncake, the naked sell mooncakes increased security hidden danger. Naked to sell the bulk moon cake sales 3 without the product more ma father opened a universal e-commerce era, never leave home can eat all over world. As more and more brands into Tmall, an increasing interest in the people shopping, enjoy the convenience of The Times. But taobao shop quality jagged, not have a world famous brand, also including some 3 without small workshops. What's more, the existence of the brush the condition of the single, if only with the sales and evaluation, it's hard to judge the real quality of products, some illegal businessmen even with last year's filling of others, like net content, production date, shelf-life, producer name and address, product standards, the basic content of label have no or incomplete, or even is 3 without the product. Gifts of mooncakes best to regular stores to buy, do not covet convenient purchase bulk moon cake, if they are online shopping, the best regular brand flagship store to purchase, because the brand's flagship store is not only more trustworthy quality, packaging and more high-end atmosphere, they often seek professional custom package specially customized packaging. As a professional gift box packaging customization factories, design a lot of classical moon cake box, interested friends may wish to to our website to see oh.
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