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The Meiji chocolate, new tricks - packaging design packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Meiji Chocolate packaging design new tricks once went to Japan's convenience store Chocolate area, it is hard not to be wrested THE Chocolate series packaging to attract, concise design Meiji in many Chocolate come to THE fore. THE back of THE Meiji Chocolate each model THE Chocolate has a bitter, sweet, sweet, sour, sweet Chocolate palate radar map, you can choose according to his be fond of taste. Open THE shell after THE Chocolate still continues THE design feeling, Chocolate is points in three different packaging of small bag. As a slab of Chocolate, THE Chocolate is no longer unusual square grid design, each Chocolate has four different lines, according to THE Meiji different grain can enjoy different taste of cocoa. Although THE Chocolate series is in THE supermarket convenience stores can buy slab sweet Chocolate, but that young people like contracted design has always been THE Chocolate series of marketing focus. THE Chocolate has launched THE Chocolate in THE film, bag, tin box, and so on limited number of special edition, it can be said that THE Meiji is with a heart of peripheral to sell THE Chocolate. Meiji use simple packaging design has won more than expected profits, good packaging can bring additional product appeal, as a professional packaging customization enterprise, packaging welcome your inquiry.
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