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The keeper of history Jewelry box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
The keeper of history Jewelry box jewelry box began in a few centuries ago, is also a perfect collection of modern collectors. So, how to get started is the origin of the jewelry box, packaging now you didn't know the history of jewelry box to conclude. Ceramic jewelry box in the Victorian era ( 1873 - 1901). , jewelry box are all the rage. These jewelry box shows some beautiful small sculptures, they described the child, flowers, animals, and all kinds of other topics. Jewelry box in rush to buy jewelry popular, and occupied the desktop of families at this time, some box decorated with Kate greenaway, 凯特•格林纳威) The illustrations. Commemorate some jewelry box jewelry box is in honor of a particular event or time. For example, in the 1904 world's fair, there are all kinds of goods for sale, including jewelry box. For the owner, the value of the box may not have the too big, when in the eyes of collectors, these boxes are considered to be of real value. So, you can through the antique shop looking for these jewelry box or collectors, collecting antique jewelry box now has become a popular hobby. Metal jewelry box at the beginning of the 20th century, new art movement in France was introduced, the metal jewelry box craze began. These all kinds of gift box is actually made of cast metal, and with gold, silver and ivory and other finishing touches. Ivory box is made by coating, so it is more durable than other metals, decorative patterns including flowers, birds, and a woman hair fluttering like waves. Into a large number of elements when America began to produce jewelry box, they will often historical elements into the design. For example, some packing box is was designed in a country, describes the antebellum plantation life. There are also some jewelry box inspired by the other cultures, such as Greece and Rome, as well as the typical image of Egyptian culture. Still have a kind of situation is in the name of the manufacturer, such as the first manufacturer of American jewelry box is Jennings brothers ( 詹宁斯兄弟) And Benedict manufacturing company ( 本尼迪克特制造有限公司 ) All in all, these are jewelry boxes with different history, hope after reading this article, you can keep your jewelry box, the box will become antiques in the future will be very valuable.
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