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The influence of the iPhone case how much? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
The influence of the iPhone case how much? Recent iPhone iPhone X 8, also causes a lot of waves. According to media reports, the Chinese Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, the iPhone after 8 series of mobile phone battery bulge, mainland China's first iPhone has also appeared in 8 Plus blowout accident, this is the fourth stage, is also the world of publicly reported 7 8 bulge cell phone iPhone. Who would have thought delicate phone box is filled a mobile phone to burst? After frequent iPhone iPhone box 8 battery problem, the most concern is the outside world, the iPhone would like samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, such as battery explosion fire even threatens the safety of the user. Eight Plus according to the United States and dismantling site iFixit after dismantling the iPhone, is that the phone battery from samsung SDI factory, it is worth noting that the SDI is the problem machine Note 7 suppliers. Apple has responded to the media, a preliminary investigation is a battery of swelling, but is not serious security incidents, has nothing to do with the explosion, a detailed survey results will be announced as soon as we confirm it. However, in the case of the concern of the cell phone battery suppliers, apple did not respond. IPhone X intelligent people, though, there are a lot of people are saying the iPhone is going to want to into the trough. But small hin see packaging guests freely throw in a word, material process is changeless, modify the logo into the effect of the iPhone packaging customization. Is so straightforward. Small hin weak asked 1: the boss your products do not electrical boxes, or make the iPhone effect? Behind the summary, is the packaging like the iPhone, atmospheric grade. Remains the same. Don't want to say more myself feel small hin.
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