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The influence of customized mobile phone boxes for products - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Custom phone box's influence on the products as more and more mobile phone brands have emerged in the market, mobile phone brands also began to pay attention to the bottle, because the phone box is the most important communication tool, and consumers are now part of the mobile phone brand packaging design also has its own features, for everybody below summarizes some characteristics of customized mobile phone boxes: 1: make your packing different there are tens of thousands of mobile phone brands on the market in the competition for the attention of your customers. According to many consumers, a third of the consumer's decision is only based on the outer packing of the phone. To be successful, your mobile phone brand packaging must stand out, and from your competitor look different. Huawei's products, for example, one of the 'P10' with unique to the design of the door, open the moment, like mirs, very powerful. 2: color around the consumer buying habits in your cell phone packaging used in color in the consumer purchase decision plays a key role. Your brain have different reactions to the color, so will choose corresponding packaging color. White packaging products, for example, to convey the simple, safe and pure. Add colour colour expert points out, product packaging, the lower the complexity of the product is. Many other colors, such as blue, convey different meanings. Pale sky blue, was thought to be more interesting, and deep navy blue is thought to be more professional. Worldwide, blue is the color of the most popular, but that doesn't mean you should select one of the most popular color automatically. In determining your electronic product packaging color scheme before, it is important to research your target population. 3: packing is a marketing tool for your mobile phone outer packing can become very useful by in-store promotional marketing tools, good phone packaging, it's easy to let customers recognized, so in the design of mobile phone package, you should consider how can let the consumer easy to remember your product they next time to buy, also want to consider your cell phone send information consumer packaging is real. 4: the packaging to create brand awareness take time to think about your favorite mobile phone brand. They have one thing in common: a very memorable. In the past few years, such as millet mobile phone brand on the packaging to make a few small changes, and loyal to its original appearance, due to the success of the change, packing is also adds some new consumer pursuit. So the packing of the mobile phone is very important, it will directly with sales of mobile phone, so some retailers is especially pay attention to the packing, if you also want to improve your own sales of mobile phone brand, to make their products more compelling, might as well try some unique product packaging, this can make their own electronic products more on a step, create more value.
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