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The imperial palace, and the rice fragrant village snacks even the packaging is also very good. . . packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
The imperial palace, and the rice fragrant village snacks and even the packaging is also very good. Most people must have seen Zhen Huan, which should also be familiar with the famous line: were indeed very good. Taobao shop to Beijing rice fragrant village in qianlong emperor birth mother, Zhen Huan prototype knob cobalt lu surname for creative point, even the name of the gift box imitating Zhen Huan body, named as 'excellent dim sum'. Excellent dim sum, the imperial palace, taobao launched cake box a set of four kinds of dim sum, each 4 pieces, a total of 16, price 120 yuan. Respectively matcha cake, jujube flower cake, the imperial concubine crisp and crispy. Each independent packing box, integral to the Forbidden City cloud shape the appearance of the basket. , excellent snack box package, the traditional paper, full of Chinese style, catering to the rice fragrant village old, embodies the classic breath of the Forbidden City. Among them, the 'chicken feather jade-like stone gold', is this box of cakes crispy box (ossuary) of James. Qianlong six years, the qianlong emperor in queen mother button GuLu's 50th birthday dockyard Wan Shouyan. Emperor qianlong two cast veteran sea queen will Wan Shouyong meal make up auspicious words. After 10 days of brooding, sea looking for flower recipes 201 dish up 248 lucky food. Such as a meal that eggs, sea called 'phoenix feather jade-like stone gold'. The unique packaging design for our this kind of dim sum coloring, as a professional custom package, packing should be to study, keep moving forward.
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