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The idea is good, can also learn - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
The idea is good, packaging can also learn by completing a task complete implementation pattern, the way is very novel, packing to bring today is such a product, hope can have the effect of the topic, to produce such a completed by the guest's bag! First To do the ideas come from the list, that is, many people now enjoy for a limited time To do things they want To set, each finished one thing, just cross out a line, until all cross over, in order To be complete, and the design today, just the opposite. Designed by Spanish creative brand DOIY 100 things can be seen as a poster version of the to do list, whenever you complete a text version of the first layer can be peeled off, peep out at the bottom of the image, the process is just like is collecting stamps. 100 things to do such a list is good? Do one thing at a time, you can open a grid, can see the back of the pattern. Actually product packaging industry also can realize completely, such as at the time of custom box on and put this design, after finished a couple of things to see the complete design, box is also very interesting. In this advocate social interaction, this way will be struck a chord with many people!
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