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The HEAD PORTER 2017 this new product is not an environmental protection bag - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
HEAD PORTER 2017 this product is an environmental protection bag, spring is a season for revival, is also a major brand launch of the new season, one of the small white small make up want to say: make sure the package is not a canvas bag? The Head porter, spring and summer new product packaging industry with small make up so many years of practice experience, this package, no! This is a handbag, say orphean dot call environmental protection bag, say not good that is a cloth bag! Why this look like a cloth bag became the spring and summer new products? Today's design began to more and more began to advocate contracted design, and when a handbag on the contracted design, becomes a green bag! However, he still have difference with environmental protection bag itself, first of all, they still have difference on select material, general environmental protection bag can choose cheap material, non-woven fabrics, polyester, etc. , and big at the time of custom handbag will choose a useful and relatively soft cotton material. Secondly, detail design has the very big difference, if not carefully to see maybe you couldn't see including carrying, sealing, the internal structure of these places, handbags than environmental protection bags to more careful, after all the price and the use of group or is there a difference! So, after so many analysis, packing will tell you the conclusion is that: the bag is an advanced environmental protection bag!
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