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The gap between you and idol is a vacuum cup! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The gap between you and idol is a vacuum cup! Recently have a vacuum cup especially popular on the Internet, TV drama 'the big bang theory' is one of the star Penny can be said to be the big fans of this vacuum cup, go to a tan, it is 'sun cup madman'. S 'well Bottle which is the name of the vacuum cup' S well Bottle, an environmentalist Sarah Kauss design. Sarah Kauss after the participated in a global water crisis seminar, know will produce 20 billion plastic waste a year, prompting her r&d 'S well Bottle which enable idea, is accepted by people, of course, want to vacuum cup, good fashion is also important factor. The temperature is so popular, so there are several reasons: 1, the heat preservation performance is good. S 'well Bottle temperature using stainless steel material, 24 hours of cold, heat preservation, 12 hours and outer wall condensation cup will not happen, not wet bags and hands. 2, loop available. S 'well Bottle temperature there are multiple series, including wooden series adopted can be recycled wood materials, can help protect and repair the trees. 3, design diversity can DIY. Design also has trees are all different, texture, matte, mirror. You can even his graffiti. 4, all sizes. The vacuum cup with medium three sizes, fashion and practical, small and the atmosphere. S 'well Bottle many stars in the entertainment industry in the use of a vacuum cup, what can say never cup like this vacuum fire from abroad to domestic, now it is no longer just a thermos flask, has become a popular fashion item. S 'well Bottle thermos flask is designed in order to for the earth environmental protection, packaging design by the green canvas bags, insulation bags the same pursuit, brand of natural environmental protection concept to a great extent and the concept of environmental protection.
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