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The food packaging is science fiction - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The food packaging is science fiction we common food packaging is usually joined the elements of brand concept design or is the image of the brand spokesman, is not a food for a group to design products. Independent beauty brand AFK is specifically for geeks and cartoon group. OTAKU suit AFK specially this year launched a OTAKU suit, the suit of packaging design is like anime, won the love makeup of anime fans love. Cover Girl Star Wars themed beauty makeup AFK actually is not the first to do secondary yuan food market brand. Makeup brand fashion Cover Girl once the movie 'Star Wars' for the introduction, introduced the Star Wars themed beauty makeup products. Famous food brand MAC at comic-con, the people dress up as the characters in the film, to show the MAC of the star trek series products. Being AFK or MAC, when they are in a group to determine a theme, theme will give product to representative of gift box, this kind of packing can be accurately conveyed to love this theme, brand product is in as the voice of this group.
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