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The 'flame' lamp can light up - blowing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Blowing the 'flame' lamp can light up in our daily life, lamps and lanterns is necessary articles for daily use. General lamps and lanterns has droplight and wall lamp, tube lamp, desk lamp, lamp, and a variety of types such as energy-saving lamps. But in such a variety of types of lamps and lanterns, they are more rely on electricity to shine, and they are convenient to use the switch to us in everyday life. Today want to introduce you to a do not use the switch can turn on the light and turn off the lights in the process of the two lamps and lanterns. 'Flame' lamp designers Xinyue Yang flame as inspiration designed a model called the lamps and lanterns of Breeze, when you are on the handle on the induction of mouth gently blowing, LED lights belt will be like the flame was blown more prosperous gradually enhanced brightness; Relatively, as long as hard blow like blowing out the candles, lamps and lanterns will be shut down. More interesting is, when one bright one dark when the two light Breeze together, 'fire' will also use the built-in hall sensor 'pass'. 'Flame' lamp designers Xinyue Yang from the origin of the fire simulation light, neo - and use of digital technology Analog to complete the 'flame' lamp design. Actually like this professional do custom packaging enterprise, if can also join the digital technology on the product packaging technology, can also create a new form of packaging.
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