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The fender to upgrade the new packing first asymmetric soda bottle - around the world packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Fender upgrade new packaging global first asymmetric soda bottle believe that many friends have on television or on weibo ( @fenta) See fender's spokesperson TFBoys to introduce you to the fender 'twisting, bottle', it is understood that this is the world's first asymmetric soda bottle. Fender's parent company Coca-Cola recently revealed the story behind this bottle design. Twisting, bottle was inspired by the people squeeze the orange juice action - — There is a section in the middle of the body, can hold two natural turn. Fender twisting, a variety of flavors for soda bottles, bottle symmetry is extremely important, because a slight imbalance will lead to pressure can drop. But a creative agency in London DrinkWorks hope to challenge the stereotypes. In 2012 they put forward the idea of manufacturing screw the bottle, the idea has attracted the attention of a great Coca-Cola group. They think, put the bottle into a spiral, will highlight the 'fresh' feeling. TFBoys endorsement fanta bottle twisting, this sounds simple idea took the Coca-Cola company more than 5 years to research and development. According to Hardwick, what did they do hundreds of iteration, the development structure, hollow model and so on. But for reasons of cost of replacement, the Coca-Cola company for a long time did not change the new packaging, until 2015, a small test market opportunities, through the comparison, sales to ultimately prove this idea is feasible. Currently in the domestic market, the consumer may for a period of time to see two kinds of packaging the fender. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, know a business to replace the original packing is not easy, difficult to develop new product. Is summer right away, a new round of drinks big battle is about to begin, the fender's performance in this war will be how? Let's wait and see.
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