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The effect of packing is what kind of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
The effect of packing is what kind of packing box, bag coated in people generally know, a kind of technology is also more common. Divided into dumb film and light film laminating. Laminating technology was born in the '50 s, the first for use by the army. Laminating process in our country is in the middle of the '60 s was inspired by the Japanese calendar card, thus the prints of the trial is successful, and soon become widely available. Folding luxury box effect of this procedure is a kind of finishing the main process, is the plastic film after coating and adhesive, and printed material after heating, pressure sticking together, form the unity of paper-plastic products, it is one of the common paper printing post-press processing technology. After effect of printed matter, because the surface is much more a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, more smooth shining surface, not only improves the print gloss and color fastness, prolong the service life of the print, the effect of the products after printing graphic color is more bright-coloured, rich stereo feeling, especially suitable for green food commodities such as packaging, to arouse people's appetite and desire to consume. Improve products generate. Effect of packaging labeling advantage: a, resin coated cover can protect the paper. After coated can prolong the life of its cover, the paper reciprocates has very good anti-fouling, wear-resisting, folding effect. Second, the mark is not easy to damaged. For color after coated by the cover to have the same protection, and not easily be wear, and improve the level of the gift box and value.
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