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The dove 'bottle' shape card doesn't work - play women packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
The dove 'bottle' shape hit women card doesn't work in order to stand out in the homogeneity product, the brand is also a big surprise, but some are popular with consumers, but some are really doing is dead. The dove 'bottle' shape wash protect brand dove has always been to 'beautiful' as brand concept, the dauphin recently launched six different poking fun at the dove bottle packaging by netizens. So because these pear shape, oval, slender, concave and convex dove shower gel bottles are made according to the female body. Although dove claims it is designed to help women establish self-confidence, to realize their own beauty, but from another point of view, this practice of dove is in treating women, because women not only different shape. Brand sometimes to make product packaging customization will be customized according to the size of the product size, this is in order to better display products, rather than to emphasize the theme. The dove 'real beauty' concept of the brand products is wash protect a desire, but in order to cater to the theme, aesthetic and health standards, that is a fact of 3 unilateral emphasize women confidence values, is more radical and out of reality.
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