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The design of the packing box machine - carefully packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
The design of the packing box packing box, bag machine carefully if you do, if your life is full of design, but is not the good design, what would it feel like? That small hin, usually small hin home cleaning housework like yourself. To store shoes, can heap many shoe box in the home, very take a place, but no shoes, shoes less like a nest and a space to stay independent. Triangular shoe box in order to solve the problem of shoe space to use this, stylist Andreas Kioroglou creativity a similar triangle box, so that shoe need material decreased by 20% ~ 57%, the volume decreased by 20% ~ 50%, not only can be more efficient use of time, can also help manufacturers one-time transportation more pairs of shoes, to save freight cost. This design also help customer reduce the financial burden on hand, especially when shopping experience deeper. Add a strap, instantly into a bag. Small hin behind to delicate shoe design is the excessive use of plastic bags could be set thinking, designers hope that through this kind of reducing plastic use and waste. Box is convenient to carry, but also can be the kid's toy. Such a shoebox, isn't it a lot of shopping fun and enjoy it. Original cylinder type lady shoe here small xinyi shoe suddenly thought of his home. The cylinder lady shoe is an original packaging design of a shoe box, paper material selection wool, heaven and earth cover cylinder box design, give a person shine at the moment of feeling, not only convenient and portable, more show fashion and elegant.
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