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The concave and convex printing packaging printing is what kind of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
The concave and convex printing in packaging and printing is what kind of concave and convex stamping process more prevalent in recent years. Especially some high-grade packaging customization product in the packaging industry and the development trend of many varieties, prompting concave-convex embossing process more popularization and improvement of plate making and concave-convex embossing equipment is gradually realize the semi-automatic, fully automated. Tell me what is called the concave-convex embossing: now is in the surface decoration processing of print a special processing technology, it USES the concave and convex mold, under certain pressure effect, plastic deformation in the printing substrate, thereby to art print surface processing. Various convex concave and convex seal imprinted graphic and pattern, show the different shades of grain appearance, has obvious FuDiaoGan, enhanced stereo feeling of the print and artistic appeal. Characteristic mainly reflects in the concave and convex seal, inky full have stereo feeling, in various ways to printing, the printing quality is the best. And the printing quality is stable. Plate long service life. Suitable for large quantities of a large number of printing. Gravure printing to a very thin material, such as packaging cartons. But the gravure plate making complex price is high, its contain benzene ink environmental pollution. The two problems affecting the development of the gravure. Especially large Numbers of a large amount of calendar, short version of the requirements of low prices up at the same time, make the gravure losing market. Many at the time of printing, do not use the ink but the stamping pressure, the direct use of printing machine operation method is the same as general letterpress, but pressure to bigger. Red high-end clothing bag if quality requirement is high, or paper thicker, hardness is bigger, also can use hot pressing, the current is switched on in the metal blank printing machine. Blocking in little hin shoulds not be too much, simple and clear before, in the printing and packaging cartons, paper bags have late need to consult a small hin. Small hin on-call.
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