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The choice of gift packaging material - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Gift box material choice of gift box as to receive the gift of the first message, gift box of delicate and appropriate or not directly related to the relationship between both sides can get promoted. Gift boxes of material selection is also varied, from paper, wood, plastic, leather and metal, bring a person the feeling of every kind of material is different, the paper is the most common, however, can be processing level, also the most popular leather 'the most high-end, plastic generally plays a supplementary role, and natural materials such as bamboo, grass still less likely to use. Paper gift box for some high-end industries, such as red wine, can choose has the temperament of of primitive simplicity natural lumber, reflected the exalted with natural gifts, flashing its unique high temperament, sometimes even in red wine box will join the straw to foil a wine bottle, let a person feel the nature of the wine and the culture. Leather wine box box in the gift box proportion of the most popular, according to different gifts class hierarchy, the selection of material is different: 1, low grade gift packing box: a, chooses more than 350 grams of white paper board printing, laminating die cutting molding. B, some high-grade with choose 300 grams of white slabs onlay into paper card printing, laminating, die-cutting forming again. 2, the middle-grade gift packing box, print face choose 250 grams - 300 grams more dominating aluminum foil paper and 300 grams of dominant white paper on the onlay into cardboard, printing effect of die cutting forming again. Gift box material choice is varied, not only the same as the change of The Times, science and technology with each passing day, make many new packaging materials have sprung up emerge in endlessly, the word box custom for many in the industry is already familiar. If you have related needs, welcome to contact the packing, believe that must be won't let you down.
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