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The characteristics of the coated paper and common coated paper - in the life packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
The characteristics of the coated paper and coated paper coated paper about the origin of the common life goes back to China in the 30 s has translation art paper. Because at the beginning in Europe take this paper to beautifully printed paintings, is used in the production of copperplate etching plate. So according to use naming conventions, called for copperplate printing art paper copper plate ( Printing) The paper. In mainland China printing, Paper industry colleagues are called Art Paper coated Paper. One of commonly used material is coated paper bag. In the life of common people know coated paper coated paper limits is one of the common and mainly used in printing paper. Coated paper's original name is coated paper printing. Are common in current use in real life. Is a food and clothing live line will be visible, clothing bag packaging books, calendars, etc. Are almost use glossy paper, all kinds of exquisite packaging, paper handbag, stickers, trademarks, etc. Also a lot of used to it. Coated paper food bag coated paper is made by coating base paper after coating and decoration processing of paper, fine and smooth surface according to the different USES, can be divided into single side or double side coated. Coated with double-sided, single-sided, paper light and light ( Inferior smooth) Coated paper. Commonly used glossy paper is divided into from every square metre 105 grams to 350 grams per square meter of various thickness specifications. Coated sheet paper size in sales generally divided into magnanimous, moderate in two dimensions, coated paper food bag, garment bag is generally need to be dumb membrane. Coated paper price not high on the whole, is worthy of your choice.
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