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The changed new packaging British painting materials to shout you picked up a brush - brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
The changed new packaging British painting materials brand to shout you pick up the brush as an adult, you if not learned painting for many years as a child, estimate seldom picked up a brush. You may feel you lack of creativity, no eyes to find beauty, painting not to come out, and so on. But recall the childhood, every children like drawing, to express their feelings, to describe those who say not to come out of the language. Recently, the 250 - year - old veteran British painting materials manufacturers are Reeves in encouraging you picked up a brush - — “展示你的颜色”。 Reeves new packaging shortly before painting materials, famous brand packaging design? Pearlfisher fencing Reeves new packaging is designed. It is also a Reeves the brand image update for the first time since 250. It is endowed with more suitable for digital visual language of the world, and to establish contact with the contemporary consumers to a new identity. Self-confidence, connection and expression, are Pearlfisher design director Sophie Maxwell? With the new positioning Reeves. He hopes to become a lifestyle brand Reeves, and not just painting materials manufacturers. Reeves painting materials new packaging Pearlfishe Reeves abandoned dogs brand logo and uppercase font, with a popular blackbody lowercase letters. Not only that, but product packaging design has become simple, through a simple color coding system, make the brand image of the Reeves more outstanding. New packaging is simple and straightforward, it is no longer just about the artist's items, but in order to inspire the human self. Ordinary people can also picked up a paintbrush, creativity, how well does not require the picture, as long as can express your own feeling. I picked up a brush, you can finish a big step. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, although our packaging products implication is not so profound Reeves, we are just ordinary packaging products. But our packaging products are becoming more and more concise, abandoned the vanity is not the actual element, if you are interested in our products, welcome to our website to see oh!
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