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The best design award was glue - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Best design was glue packaging design has always been a very big area, everybody attention is also a little knowledge about this field, some can understand, and some can't understand, just like today is the best design award winner a glue packaging! Best design which is the optimal design of a packaging, Graft before packing is purple, and it filled the text and graphic. The Engine Room of red, yellow, blue, green to replace it with a fluorescent color, text is simplified to only The name on The package and The thing itself, as well as environmental protection. 'If Polyseam to competition in the market, they need to start to do the brand image, rather than stay in the manufacturer's model. 'The Engine Room when applying for award in The proposal said. A, the appearance of the packing of the products is a product for a brand is a brand of appearance, this is the image of a foreign brand, if the image is not sharp enough, can't let a person remember! So in the face of each product, to find a professional packaging company, provide you with a custom service box, you must also can stand out!
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