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The basic process of gift box production - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
The basic process of gift box production now has a lot of gift box is very beautiful, don't need to secondary packaging. Such packaging gift box, not only bring the more exquisite packaging, also let people receive gifts, felt the thick right. Gift box is, however, how to make out? An exquisite gift boxes production process generally has the following steps: selection of printing materials, mounting hole making and die cutting molding with the knife mould of strict production process, packaging printing appearance of processing and final forming sticky box shape. Crook luxury gift boxes in the packing box of the color card first, in the case of materials is very important, it will directly lead to the back of the durable molding, etc. But generally this primary stage mainly be determined by customer according to the budget, the template system according to the customer's requirements and knife version of the material supply companies are discussed. Behind is the semi-finished samples to test, packaging production of die cutter and cutting die mounting hole should be carried out in accordance with the objective model and the effect of the semi-finished products printed to make predictions, good cutting die determine the appearance of each box shape, mainly used in pit box mounted pit, can according to customer requirements, choice pit paper using special mechanical bonding. Original star gift paper bag finally is processing link this appearance, is mainly carried out on the surface of beautification, laminating, adhesive, UV, bronzing, etc. The final debugging inspection general with respect to ok. Packing for a long time, is a professional packaging manufacturer for different areas of the enterprise, tailored exclusive your packing gift box. Itu at any time if needed.
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