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The bag design is very unusual - water saving packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
The water-saving bag design is not generally though we know save water at an early age, but in real life people do this but not much, but if you some idea of the earth's resources and environment, will know our fresh water resource is very scarce now, this is the advanced science and technology can solve the problem. WaterDrop handbag named esferic from Spain design team to focus on the people in the life water, waiting time is a waste of water resources, so they designed a model called WaterDrop handbags, can help to store virtually waste water in our daily life, used to water the flowers, flush toilets, etc. The bag with clear mark, can clearly tell you the amount of water every day, and this bag for small children customized version, convenient use, children will help children to establish water-saving ideas, mobile applications at the same time it also has the same name, is used to record the amount of water every day, of course, can also query other users of water quantity, virtually formed a water conservation community. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, is relatively long do the canvas bag and paper bag products of environmental protection, this is the first time the concept of 'water-saving bag', but also can to the increase in the development, is a very good inspiration.
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