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The aesthetic vision problems - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Packing the aesthetic vision problems about this issue has been working hard. The design of the packing box, bag at ordinary times also is cannot be ignored. When viewing a piece of work, in the packaging design is not a simple visual acceptable, but must be accompanied by visual communication produce certain psychological reaction, this kind of psychological first depends on the objective condition of the object being to watch, this situation is not only the shapes and colors, it also includes the three-dimensional shape, material, structure, style, processing technology, etc. , these various factors together constitute a packaging design of visual appeal. If there are have done a poor job on the one hand, it will weaken the appeal, which can lead to fatigue. Other clothing bags for packaging design integral aesthetic feeling, the stereo modelling of packaging design and the display surface processing, must be combined with function and material. Form first should adapt to the requirement of content protection, usability, but also pay attention to the form change combined with the physical and chemical properties of material selection. Should prevent the design into a blind in the form of the game, to form to form. Inappropriate use of form, it will weaken the form, and even have the opposite effect. Cloth the box of a lot of big box design is based on logo is given priority to, rarely has a pattern of large area. For this type of picture and text area of fewer prints, in each period to the new ink and ink roller to add quantity is less, so long the ink in ink roller will undergo several education version fluid mixing, extruding and rolled, cause serious emulsification of ink, the color is not bright. In terms of literal meaning, with a trace of printing, inunction of brush. Use brush to clean and make the signs of the from other objects, without printing. In short, the printing is the production of print industry. Print production, user shall transfer on the paper, silks, leather and other substrates, namely into print.
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