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The advantage of product packaging - a new era packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
The advantage of the new era packaging market of packaging of all kinds is flowers, in a certain tradition was broken on into degrees, the traditional packing is also gradually introduced stage. A new era of friends to pay attention to the renewable resources, environmental profile. Small hin now and we talk about the benefits of product packaging together: environmental protection bag 1, environmental protection, recyclable, can use again, save resources. 2, the carton packaging, light weight, easy to carry, transport when take up the space is little, so the cost is not high. 3, carton, many different kinds of paper bags, special boxes (such as: Can realize anti-static, moistureproof, insurance requirements) 4, packaging beautiful, can promote the sale of goods. 5, short production cycle, high efficiency. Simple packaging adhere to environmental protection for the purpose, the entire package reached more than 80% of the proportion of renewable raw materials, and with this certification. Consumers are paying more attention to environmental protection, and hope that companies can make a difference. Good hadrian rice bags our packing are obtained authority certification, for clients to create the opportunity to interact with customers, and help them shape product differentiation. Our ultimate goal is to make packing box, bag full use of renewable raw materials, contribute little of our power to protect the environment.
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