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Tell you packaging industry, robot completely replace artificial - very hard packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Packaging industry to tell you, the robot can completely replace the artificial hard to over the years is one of the rapidly developing age of intelligent robot, the alpha dog is one of the typical example, technology industry can attempt to dominate the industry, but the package has decades of history as a handbag factory still want to tell you: it's hard to! Actually the introduction of the machine have been reduced a lot of labor costs, but you will find that the inside of the packaging plant worker or a lot of people, whether a machine or doing work by hand, or still need some human! Packaging industry is a typical traditional industry, and have so long history period, in theory it should be easy to be replaced by all kinds of robots, but it was not yet implemented, why? Press machine can realize relative to repeat, but no one industry's work can be repeated forever, even if is a traditional industry of printing and packaging, are often improve their ways of working, this is can quickly adapt to the machine, so, want to use robots to replace traditional manpower, the current technology is very difficult, very far away! So, bag manufacturers are selling bag, is also precious human, please cherish every bag, since each bag with the paper bag craftsmen.
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