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Technical requirements - the packaging industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Packaging industry of the technological requirements of packaging industry in order to avoid the product packaging waste paper. Remove goods boxes, packaging is also a commodity, even also has the value of collection. As some of the household goods packaging are designed to be practical and beautiful receive a case directly. Not only environmental health, but also embodies the is the result of natural beauty, the beauty of the harmony of man and nature. ALTO belt box packaging used as general intermediate packaging method, between the inner packing and outer packing. Packing box, generally composed of several color collocation, give a person with strong visual sense, make the overall appearance of the buyers and users for goods and color details of a little understanding. Particularly suited to buy before the goods can't split open a case. Has been widely applied in life, the packing is an indispensable industry. BOOP intelligent underwear black box with the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, advocating for emerging things, found that more and more people, the demand for folding carton of ordinary common packing some immune and also put forward higher requirements about the quality of the carton. To avoid the waste automatic folding box gluing machine, make the folding carton packaging machine automatically open at high speed, forming, filling, sealing, such as technology, not only requires the carton structure size design is reasonable, but also should guarantee the box piece enough die cutting precision and accuracy of folding pasting box. Short version live increase, improve the processing quality, reduce the production cost is also the carton packaging enterprises facing the market pressure and the difficult problem, which requires new technology applications in the carton packaging production process, and damage crystal packing co. , LTD is with the development of The Times, constantly improve the automation degree of equipment, reduce equipment adjustment time and live parts of the preparation time. Constantly adapt to the market, the new changes and meet the requirements of different users, only in this way can also increase the amount of packaging carton enterprise competitiveness.
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