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Tear resistance, Coca-Cola bottle festival waves up - together with you packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Tear resistance, Coca-Cola bottle festival together with you the wave up marketing world old driver the Coca-Cola in Romania and come up with a new pattern, in a 'tear resistance' new packaging, introduced its recording after packing bottle, take bottle, etc. , this time they launched directly in Romania - — Coca-Cola festival bottle. “Featival瓶”( Music bottle) Cause is the setback in Romania, in the promotion of coke coke find Romania McCann, head of the Bucharest, analysis the reason, they found that Romania's young people, the biggest potential consumer groups, festival is one of the favorite outdoor activities. Ok, is it. Coca-Cola bottles and so was born the festival of ideas. Added an concrete is on the bottle can be pulled off the 'wrist strap', also designed the eight models, respectively so long: Coca-Cola's eight wrist band play is: young people bring off the wrist, and then through the Coca-Cola launched a special APP scans the bar code above, can know yourself whether you win. If a lucky dog, can with the bracelets each big music festival in Romania. Not winning word, also can leave wristbands used as personal ornaments. Wind ~ so cool and sun festival although after recording sector also requires users to participate in, but this time can be universal participation, this a series of process, strengthen the communication between the consumers and the Coca-Cola, sparked Romania more tech-oriented sun festival bottle. Cabin 'wrist strap' Coca-Cola listed after Romania's sales grew by 11%, and each big media scramble to report. Before we also said that Coca-Cola's new packaging story even speak one hundred don't finish calculate, it is also worthy of every enterprise, such as boxes, and other enterprises, is not only to improve product quality, packaging will also constantly updating.
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