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Taobao handbags in the fashion journey - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Taobao, the rise of handbags in the fashion journey ma taobao, taobao is omnipotent, not only you think not you can't buy. As long as input the word 'bag' in the title bar, don't know how many pages, home is very attractive, the price also is different. The same bag price, of course, price difference is also unusual. Ranged from several dollars to hundreds of yuan, some of them is given priority to with imitation. And, many shop owners also defiant in their sales of brand-name shopping bag is counterfeit, but they also emphasize the quality is good, appearance also very realistic ', of course, we would also like to thank Mr. Ma. Handbag in China big countries China is also the gift of the township. Gift industry the application of the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Commerce institute of industry data, has carried on the individuals and groups to gift industry classification statistic of the data is, at present, our country individual demand about 505. 5 billion yuan, annual gift groups in present demand of about 262. 9 billion yuan, including business and welfare gifts demand accounted for more than 1900 one hundred million yuan. Domestic gift market demand total amount 768. 4 billion yuan or so, the overall market size close to 800 billion yuan. Garment bag according to such a large market demand, can infer as mass popular, and personalized distinctive packaging paper bag of the item, its future development space will be very large. Taobao and evil people mixed up of goods, packaging advocated the pursuit of environmental protection at the same time our gift bag is very fashion, to create their own high-end custom culture value, create different experience.
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