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Talk about Europe and the United States gift box packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Talk about Europe and the United States gift box packaging asked warren, if anything, the concept of gift box is derived from the French the COFFRET CADEAU GIFTBOX and English. Europe and the United States gift box packaging design with the development of the market also has some new development trends, luxury, elegant, fashion gift boxes, the concept of overall gift box as a gift. But the gift is generally chosen by the sender according to his be fond of the gifts. Often see is a card plus a lovely gift. This concept was introduced into China by European countries such as France and Belgium, gift companies in the mainland have French Dan LAN, box affection box, such as huge market potential. Gift packaging & # 8212; Packaging and optional type experience gift box was born in 2003 in France, in a short time became popular gifts pattern of the whole European market, and gradually spread to Japan, Brazil, the United States, Australia, etc. Such as DAKOTABOX in France and French company has just entered the Chinese mainland market Dan haze shed, etc. , to provide recreational activities, with the characteristic of the French to provide clients with thoughtful service experience. Abnormity of gift box collection is generally unique wonderful experience or customize experiential gift box compact elegant. Also can DIY handmade works, to express their new idea. Native of mainland China, small hin for the exquisite gift box of the combination of Chinese and western. Cultured is a high-end gift box packing. Have what problem can feel free to contact small hin.
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