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Survival needs change - a departure, Tiffany packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
CEO turnover, Tiffany to survive need change Tiffany CEO Frederic Cumenal recently, this is Tiffany troubled a signal. Tiffany from produce consumers are already updated so far. 'The sixties and seventies of the last century, women rarely oneself buy jewelry. On the one hand, relatively few women in the workplace, they can't afford to buy expensive jewellery; On the other hand, no matter men or women think jewelry should be given a gift in women. If by women to buy, often because my mother want to buy a gift for his daughter, grandmother to buy gifts for granddaughter. 'The Centurion Newsletter editor Hedda Schupak told racked in an interview. Tiffany box but today's social situation has greatly changed, the economic independence of career women can be seen everywhere, they are single longer, marrying later, have more money on themselves. Jewelry industry of the most popular two words into 'self - 采购女人”( Women for their shopping) And 'just - 因为购买”( Not for special events or situations, because like shopping) 。 Tiffany before directly target consumers are male, because they are the man who complete the purchase, but the independence of women now have their consumption concept. Tiffany must realize that by the name 'Tiffany' is no longer secure. In the face of choice more and more attention to the price also is more critical of a new generation of consumers, it need to bet on the wisdom and courage, also need luck. It also enlightens us to do custom packaging enterprises to keep alert, don't eliminated by the market.
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