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Super convenient can become tote bags - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Super convenient to change the tote bags sometimes carried a bag, but you don't feel convenient, regret not carrying a backpack, or ride a bike when feel hang bag it hard to keep my balance on the handlebars. In order to make people able to shuttle in the city, more comfortable love design couple in Tokyo, Japan ( Bucco & 马克) Established brands in package for cyclist. HEMTEK, this canvas tote bag is designed to meet the needs of different occasions, when too much stuff, form a complete set of braces was added to become a backpack can ease the burden. They also joined the two main pockets quickly take function, reduce people tossed and turned in the bag, can't find things: one is on the small side of the outer bag, the other is located in pocket bags designed to plug water bottles, each tote bags are handmade in local Beijing, Tokyo. HEMTEK such a large capacity, strong fabric is durable, can also bring convenience canvas bag. As a handbag manufacturer to appreciate such a product.
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