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Summer comes to 'rescue' dinosaur Popsicle! ! ! ! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Summer comes to 'rescue' dinosaur Popsicle! ! ! ! Summer comes, different tastes different formative Popsicle also reduced to out! Russia's a DINO Popsicle ICE dinosaurs are very popular, because it not only appearance level is high, can also is a toy. Dinosaurs called Popsicle Dino Ice Popsicle designer Sasha B by Russia. Perelman: and Katya Mushkina to amber for inspiration, three ( 口味, Orange, strawberry, grapes) Different fruit flavors of rocky ice will shape of the top of the plastic stick dinosaurs 'seal' up, with half transparent packing for illustration, let a person feel dinosaur fossils found in the arctic mining. Dinosaurs DINO Popsicle ICE interesting point is that not only gave the children cool refreshing and tasty, also satisfy children's curiosity. To rescue trapped in the ice of dinosaurs, must let these curious baby happy and excited. Little melting Popsicle, gradually revealing hidden inside small dinosaur. For children, this is a new integrated experience. Dinosaurs Dino Popsicle Ice food packaging is not only fully shows the different tastes of Popsicle, and arouses the curiosity of people, to attract more consumers to pay attention to brand to buy Dino Ice products.
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